There's a false but widely held belief in the entertainment field, on Wall Street, in corporate board rooms, even in our schools:

Everyone's #1 priority is to find something "new", i.e. "the next big thing."

After a career that's spanned a half century, I've found that virtually every product developer, investment banker, internet tycoon, and CEO, along with every casting director and agent I've ever known from New York to Hollywood, is always searching for something far more important.

While few are able to describe just what that is, they will all assure you they'll recognize it the moment they see it. And I believe them.

I'm referring to something real.

As I write this, millions of smart, talented, hard-working, well-connected, and outwardly accomplished people in all walks of life, both children and adults, are struggling for success, unaware that their dreams and goals are tied far more intimately to who they are, rather than what they can do.

This blog is to encourage administrators, teachers, students, and aspiring performers to ask: who are you, really? 

Are you happy?
Are you taking good care of yourself?
Are you honest and fair?
Are you disciplined and mature?

That's your real.

And you can't fake it, or turn it on and off, or put it together quickly before a big day or for an important interview. It's who and what you really are- the basis for success at home, in school, on the job, and in life.

What's your real?