Acceptance to the Beginnings Workshop is based on a short and informal personal interview.

This can take place in person following a lecture at your middle school, high school, college, or studio, or more commonly online via Skype or by video conferencing on Facebook.

For parents who were unable to attend my talk, here is an 11-minute summary.

If you're interested in scheduling an online interview, please first take about four minutes and watch the interview video on this page, just below, preferably with your parents.

After you've watched the videos, call or email our office to schedule an interview appointment: or (914) 923 - 4239.

During your interview, you'll be asked simple questions about friends, family, school, interests, hobbies, pets, thoughts about your future, things like that. There's no need to prepare in advance, or worry about what to say. Just try to be open and honest... and talk!

After your interview, we'll share some helpful observations and feedback with you, and explain whether or not we feel participation in the workshop is right for you at this time.

For more information about the Beginnings Workshop experience itself, please visit

What if the best way to ensure your future is to learn how to follow your dreams?