Voting for Good Things

Millions of us noted sadly how the dwindling number of die-hard Trump supporters never grew weary of attacking everything Obama for eight years, (the Tea Party crowd, Sarah Palin, Fox News, etc.), how they still drop asides about Hilary, yet no matter how many errors of judgment, ridiculous election promises (the wall around Mexico is my personal favorite), racist and “grab the pussy” statements, juvenile tweeting frenzies, the disdain of a growing number of his fellow Republicans, and endless scandals, (most recently his involvement with Russia’s tampering with our elections)… it's like a mantra of the brainwashed: "He's not so bad... give him a chance... all you liberals do is attack… "

I have experienced fifteen presidential elections. I have never seen such blind hypocrisy and brainwashing. I recall Bush's relative innocence; all he did was crash the economy and purposely start a massive war under false pretenses. The current guy has built upon the international paranoia, racism, societal divisions and profound dishonesty of those years and raised it to a state of the art.

My concern is that if we don't speak out and write things like this, it may be the end of the Roman Empire.

Frankly, I believe the Republican party has been hijacked. I further believe the only way to correct that is to realize that at this point in history we may now have to choose between the evils of big American government (Clinton, Obama, etc.) which is at least guided by a vision of helping its citizens, and the evils of big American business, (Bush, Trump, etc.) which is guided solely and entirely by financial gain.

Given that unfortunate choice, I’ll take my chances with government at least for now.

Let's all try to beat a path through the constant brainwashing and paranoia of Fox News, and instead vote for things like better public education, greater access to a college education, protection of the environment, genuine improvement of health care rather than blindly dismantling everything Obama, better working conditions and higher pay for the lower economic spectrum of the working class, funding for the arts, an end to racism and sexism... you know- good things.

Until next month, please take good care of yourself.


Peter Sklar